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Event Detail

3M Information Session (Virtual Event)

General Information

Virtual Information Session

1:30 p.m. EST Thursday, January 23

Please find below the recording from the live session:

Please check back for updates on future events hosted with 3M.

Company Background:
3M is an innovative company consisting of four core business groups. Below is a list of the most applicable business groups.
· Health Care – This group spans the continuum of care and includes medical solutions, oral care, separation and purification sciences, health information systems, drug delivery systems, and food safety.
· Safety & Industrial – This business group serves the industrial, electrical and safety markets. It consists of personal safety, adhesives and tapes, abrasives, closure and masking systems, electrical markets, automotive aftermarket, and roofing granules.
· Consumer – This business group consists of home improvement, stationery and office supplies, home care, and consumer health care.

3M Corporate
The 3M Supplier Responsibility Code outlines 3M’s basic expectations for our suppliers in the areas of Management Systems, Labor, Health and Safety, Environment and Ethics. Please review these questions inconsideration of your company’s capabilities:

· Can your company demonstrate that your business operates in full compliance with laws, rules and regulations of the locations in which your business operates?
· What do you have in place to ensure that your business fosters a safe workplace?
· What do you have in place that ensures that your business upholds the human rights of workers and treating them with dignity and respect?
· 3M has environmental standards. Are you willing to integrate environmental responsibility into your operations to safeguard the health and safety or workers and the public?
· Does your business have standards around ethics?
· Do you have systems in place to protect confidential information?
· Has your business ever had tax liens or been delinquent in filing taxes?
· Any pending/past judgements or liens against your business?
· If required, does your business have insurance?
· If in the business of manufacturing, does your company have a quality manual?
· 3M has a “No Counterfeit Material” requirement. Do you have processes in place to ensure that counterfeit material will not be sold to 3M?
· Does your business have traceability of components down to the lowest tier supplier?

3M Health Care:
Please review these questions inconsideration of your company’s capabilities:
· Capability statements including NAICS, CAGE, DUNS and Socio-economic certificates.
· Do you have regional and/or national coverage?
· Do you have your own warehouse?
· Submit Monthly Chargebacks & Tracing via EDI1867.
· Product must be ordered electronically from 3M health Care customer Service (EDI 850, 3M Order Center, or Print to 3M).
· Full line distributors pay invoices Net 90.
· Which group Purchasing Organizations are you an authorized distributor?

3M Corporate
3M purchases the following:
· Assembly, Packaging, Filling Goods & Services
· Papers – Pulp, Release Liners, Repositionable, Treated/Untreated Backing
· Molding Goods & Services
· Professional Services – Consulting, Education/Training, Advertising/Merchandising, & Business Process Management
· Site Services - Janitorial, A/V, Lab, Office Supplies & Lawn
· Converting, Tape & Abrasives G&S
· Electronics & Metals – Not Raw Materials
· IT – Hardware, Telecom & Services
· Logistics – Air, Freight, Rail, Marine & Road
· Polymers – Films, Gums, Foam, Rubber & Resins

Applicable NAICS Codes:

Category NAICs Description

Health Care 334510 Medical cleaning equipment, ultrasonic, manufacturing

Health Care 339112 Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing

Health Care 339113 Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing

Health Care 339114 Dental Equipment and Supplies Manufacturing

Health Care 423450 Medical Dressings, tapes and supplies (except household first aid kits and non-surgical bandages) merchant wholesalers

Health Care 532490 Medical equipment (except home health furniture and equipment) rental or leasing

Health Care 622110 General Medical & Surgical Hospitals

Health Care IT 518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

Health Care IT 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services

Health Care IT 541512 Computer Systems Design Services

Facility Services 561210 Janitorial Services & Supplies

Emergency Relief 624230 Disaster Services (Respirator Masks)


Contact Us

Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (eastern)
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