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BREAKING NEWS: As first announced on September 23, 2022, VA has ceased accepting new applications for Veteran-owned small business verification or reverification as of October 24, 2022. This action was taken to facilitate the January 1, 2023, transfer of CVE’s verification functions to the Small Business Administration (SBA) as mandated by the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. New applications should be submitted to SBA when they begin receiving new applications on or around January 2023. If you have additional questions about
SBA’s future certification program, please contact SBA at See Frequently Asked Questions concerning this change.

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Event Detail

Veterans Affairs Medical Center Events (VAMC)

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VAMC Events provide a unique opportunity for verified VOSB, Small Business and Distributor Partners to promote innovative products and services directly to Clinicians, Physicians and other Procurement Decision Makers at their own facility. Over 60 events will be held in numerous VA’s medical centers and facilities across the entire country. VA staff receive hand-on products demonstrations and information on the latest Medical and Non-Medical Equipment as well as other Products and Services specifically chosen to support their service areas and unique requirements. These events promote communication and awareness between industry partners and VA staff; assisting them in making informed acquisition and procurements decisions in support of achieving VA’s Small Business Goals.

For Program Information contact: Anne Johnson-Orsillo at or call at 305-926-1248 or 305-357-7449

NOTE: Due to the recent nationwide health alert, these meeting dates are subject to change. Please check the events page for periodic updates.

For event & registration information call or email the logistics support team at:
(305) 926-1248 Direct
(305) 357-7449 Office
(305) 572-7004 Fax

To view the schedule of upcoming VAMC Events click the link below.

calendar of events


801 I Street Northwest
Washington, DC

Contact Us

Monday – Friday: 8:00AM – 4:30PM (EST)
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